• All bookings are subject to availability and confirmation by payment of non-refundable advance.
  • We entertain only those persons at the campsite for whom the booking has been made.


  • Group packages have same services/items applicable for each person in the group.
  • Total package cost will not be affected if there is any reduction in the number of persons not informed in advance.
  • Any meal, activity or service not availed by the client will not be adjusted in the package cost.


  • Any cancellation has to be in writing by email, referring to the day of arrival to the address of the campsite.
  • There is no fee if, you cancel in writing (e-mail) 7 days prior to the agreed arrival.
  • 4-6 days: 25% Cancellation Charges

    2-3 days: 50% Cancellation Charges

    Less than 2 days: 100% Cancellation Charges, No refund.

  • In the event of ‘No show’, No refund shall be made under any circumstances.

Delayed departure

  • The departure should be made by 12.00 noon. In the case of a late departure, the cost of an extra night will be charged. This measure is undertaken in the interest of arriving passengers, and we apologize for any inconvenience.
  • If your accommodation is not going to be taken on the same day of your departure, you are welcome to leave in the afternoon. If you wish to do so, please contact us.


  • We entertain only those persons at the campsite for whom the booking has been made. Walk ins / Visitors must therefore register with the security before entering the campsite!

Verifying your details

  • You must have proof of identity that you may be required to produce at any time during your stay.

Waste disposal

  • Our Camping Park is a like a large living room where you want to feel good. To protect our environment and keep the waste as low as possible, we have established a dump. We ask you to separate the garbage and sort it into glass, plastic, metal, paper, waste and organic waste.


  • Pets should be ok just out on a leash. There are no pets allowed in the sanitary building.
  • Pet waste on streets and green spaces need to be removed immediately by the owner.
  • Aggressive and guard pets are not allowed.
  • Please make sure that your pet does not make noise.
  • We request you to bring pet waste bags for the camping duration.

Sanitary facilities

  • Please be very considerate in matters of hygiene and leave the toilet block in the way you want to find it. Water is a precious commodity and we should treat it that way.
  • Children under 10 must be accompanied by adult supervision

Travel insurance

  • We recommend you consider taking out travel insurance at or before the time you make your booking for recovery of any costs, losses and expenses that we will not refund.

Other Important Information

  • Any photographs, descriptions or advertising we issue, and any descriptions or illustrations contained in our catalogue, or brochures or on our Website, are issued or published solely to provide you with an approximate idea of our Sites and services. They do not form part of the contract between you and us.


  • We want you to have an enjoyable holiday. Should you have cause for complaint, please contact our Site Manager immediately who will try to resolve your complaint and advise you of our complaints procedure.
  • We ask you to note that if you do not give us the opportunity to resolve the problem by reporting it onsite, we may not be able to deal with any complaint on your return and your rights to claim may have been reduced or forfeited.
  • If, at the end of your stay with us, you feel we have not dealt with your complaint satisfactorily, we ask that the main booker submits a written complaint within 28 days of your return home

Rights Reserved

  • The Great Offsite reserves the right to alter or cancel any trip depending upon the prevailing conditions.
  • We reserve the right at any time to make changes of regulations in the sense of a regulated flow.
  • We retain the right to close any part of our parks without notice for management reasons or unforeseen circumstances such as, and not limited to, weather extremes or emergency reasons.
  • We reserve the right to exclude those from the camping park who disturb the peace and harmony of the general public through their behavior or do not follow the rules.

Complying with our team

  • Our Site Managers and their teams are fully empowered in all aspects of Site operation and management. Camping in the Forest fully supports its Site Managers and teams in dealing with matters of policy at their sole discretion
    when the need arises.
  • In placing a Booking Request you agree that you and your party will at all times comply with the requests of the Site Managers and their teams.
For any further information, please refer to our FAQs or feel free to call us