Camping Fun

Trek in hills, cycling in village & woods, enjoy the thrill of living in tents and learn the insights of camping. Our sports, nature and wildlife audio visuals will inspire you to feel and celebrate life. Here at The Great Offsite, the night sky transforms into a learning canvas, where experienced and qualified astronomers teach about constellations and star navigation.

Host events

The Great Offsite offers exciting experiences for all – be it conferences, award functions, meets, competitions, workshops, festivals, parties, get-togethers and more.

Adventure with Us

The Great Offsite is a storehouse of promising high-rise activities that blends your love for nature & enthusiasm for adventure. It will churn out the fear factor from you. Plunge yourself into the exuberance of adventure with wall climbing, cargo nets, rope tunnel, tyre wall and more.

Unwind, Relax & Rejuvenate

With our all season accommodation and dining, stay with us for a pristine nature experience. Digitally detoxify yourself and relax the way you want!! Customize your package with us.

Sports Museum

Our interactive sports museum displays more than 400 items with focus on sports played in Olympics. We have also incorporated five new sports, which are added for 2020 Tokyo Olympic. Touch and feel the sports gear that spans from horse riding to rock climbing. The variety of sports shoes on display at our museum showcase the importance of technology in sports.

Life Skills

At The Great Offsite our team of experts orient you with new skills and will test your latent talents. We make the learning process effective through field visits and live experiences.

Wellness Boot Camps

Is your fast packed lifestyle slowly catching you in terms of being tired and overweight? We aim to strike a balance between the body, mind and soul with our wellness boot camps. Let the mountain be your gym and the forest be your training ground.

Ecofriendly Site and Upcycling

Ours is an eco-friendly site. We lay emphasis on upcycling and host special camps for the same. Come to experience the significance of it.

Note: The Great Offsite is approved by Punjab Tourism and also by Department of Forests, Punjab